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The Journey Story is a book I have written and illustrated about Mental Wellness. The book is a fun, rhyming story introducing eight different characters which explore eight different areas of mental health. These areas are; The Power of Words, Guarding your Mind, Forgiveness, Courage, Health, Rest, Community and Endurance.

In my own journey of Mental Health I have learnt that all of these areas are important and need to remain so for the whole of our life journey. The aim of this book is to provide easy opportunities for conversation about our mental health, whether it is between parents and children, teachers and students, or just between you and yourself reading and thinking about these things. This book is suitable for any age group as the language is thoughtful and playful and the illustrations are creative and stimulating. To help you get the most out of your book, there is a list of discussion notes about each character at the end of the story. For further ideas and activities check out the Discussion Ideas and activities tab.

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"So come with me as this story unfolds, because the journey begins right here...

The battle of the Good and Bad,

Of Triumph over Fear."

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