I love painting. I love starting off with an idea and watching it develop on the canvas while at the same time being amidst it. I love colour and colour relationships. I love detail and the contrast of fuzzy edges. I love creating a depth of field that you can enter into. I love the potential of ideas and relayed messages and images that really make you think . I love the sparkle of varnish on a finished piece of work. I love knowing that because I am created in the image of God that I too am a creator and have access to his ideas, his passion, his heart.

Breathe deep and know that I am he, the breath that lives inside of thee. The breath of dreams and hopes and love and all that is written in the courts above. The breath that will guide and cradle your pain, the breath that will lift you back up again. Higher each time as you ascend back to me, emanating, expanding to all you can be.